Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer Calling

Now that the temperature has forced its way up to 50 degrees (for one day anyway) and grass is visible again, my mind has drifted toward spring and summer. I'm overlooking the snow showers in the forecast. Warm weather in D.C. means cherry blossoms, trips to Eastern Market, festivals, outdoor dining, lots and lots of tourists, and Screen on the Green. But SOTG is possibly in jeopardy for the second year in a row as We Love DC reports. HBO has not set its budget and without HBO there may not be a sponsor. SOTG is quite possibly my favorite thing to do in D.C. Hundreds of 20somethings and some older DCers stake their claim to spaces on the National Mall, spreading out their blankets, food and those obnoxious lawn chairs (do you really think the people behind you can see?)to watch a film classic on a giant screen with the Capitol Building framing the background.

It's not about the movie though. It's about the people, and the Trader Joe's wine and beer poured into Solo cups, and the card games you play as you wait. It's people watching and sunset watching. It's being young in D.C. and having no better way to spend a Monday evening. So save Screen on the Green. Or you'll find me lying on the Mall on Mondays with a bottle of wine, a Solo cup, and my laptop playing Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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