Monday, February 15, 2010


When I wrote the previous blog post, I imagined the next Monday morning at work, I would write Snowmaggedon Part II: ______(insert appropriate baking-related subtitle here). Well, 10 days and about four feet of snow later, a blog post about everything I cooked and baked while crippled by the snow storm would be long and boring considering the food my dwindling provisions forced me to cook. The weekend did start with several delicious meals and snacks including baked potato soup, chocolate peanut butter cookies, Chex mix, as well as the muffulettas and BBQ shrimp for a Super Bowl party I braved the sidewalks and metro to get to. As the workless days and snow mounted, my meals got more creative and maybe not so delicious, interspersed with trips to Z-Burger (a local burger joint) for $1 Snowburgers on the days when new snow fell. My homecooked meals after about two days were so unmemorable that I can't even tell you what I ate for the next several days until I was able to escape D.C. for a trip to Savannah. More on my snowy trip to Savannah to come (yes, it did snow in Savannah).

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